måndag 28 september 2015

Urtica Dioica Elixir

Nettle are found in waste places and woods throughout the world. They are recognized – even in the dark, as Culpeper notes- by the sting they produce on contact.
Nettle is an excellent ally when you need strong energetic borders around you.
Ruled by Mars
And just as the red planet and the blood, it is full of iron. It builds and purifies the blood,it is alcalizing, full of nutrients, many other minerals and chlorofyll.
Stinging and burning it cools and act as an anti inflammatory.
The elixir is very good to take for healing burns faster and release the heat.
Nettleleaves are full of little formic acid crystals that look like needles. Interesting enough the calcinated saltcrystals that are in the elixir look exactly like these acidcrystals, like small spears. They were orange as well, full of iron.
Nettle like to grow downstream from a septic system or other soil that has been contaminated/enriched with nitrates and uric acid and waste products. It uses these byproducts of protein to build up the high degree of protein found in the plant. It removes uric acid waste products from the system, by using protein building-blocks and not allowing them to pass uselessly into the general economy of the system. Nettle is a remedy that gets the job done. It works with complicated protein building-blocks to build some of the most complex molecules used by the body.It is a highly nutrituous food which supplies these materials , but it also supplies the Know-How, the INTENSITY to use them. Here I see a correspondance to Aries in the zodiac, the sparky initiator , full of intensity, ready to initiate a new idea head-first. Nettle is used to treat inactivity , as in impotence, but more generally , of any organ.
Nettle is also cooling hot, angry frustration, cooling the mind.
Nettle is a great protector against inflammation but also on an energetic level it is acting as a guard of ones integrity. It is good to call on Nettle when one feels invaded.
I have had very good experiences using the nettle spagyric tincture against seasonal allergy, hayfever and it has worked well for others that tried it too.
I higly recomend taking a cure of Nettle Elixir, the Spagyric Tincture, as a springcleaning and immunity boost. After the long winter we need the energy, intensity and know-how of the Spirit of Nettle.
To order, send me a message : turtleok@hotmail.com
10 ml 150 kr + shipping
The Spagyric Tincture contains the spirit, essential oil and purified mineral saltcrystals of Urtica Dioica

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