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Alchemilla Elixir

Alchemilla – The little Alchemist
“The peculiar thing about this plant is that the leaves are “waterproof” . collecting rain and dewdrops and keeping them for many hours after the dew has burned off other plants. Lady´s Mantle encourage the subtle chemical bonding which makes a drop of water more cohesive and less capable of evaporation. We can now begin to see why the Alchemists found so much of interest in Alchemilla. When they looked at Lady´s Mantle they saw a plant which was particularly able to generate and preserve one of the most precious substances of all, the mercurius.
According to alchemical doctrine , mercurius is one of the three primal substances which stand at the foundation of the universe. It corresponds to the essence, the archetypal/genetic/cellular matrix which gives rise to different individuals and species. It gives a person a sense of identity and direction. Sulphur stands for the combustible portion, which corresponds to the life force that burns like a candle, from the cradle to the grave. On the psychological level it stands for the soul and and the psychological passions which animates the life. Salis or salt corresponds to the body, not just the physical vehicle , but the principle of embodiment on any level – thus within the spiritual body as well as the physical. It stands for the principle of integrity or character.
In the vegetable kingdom , the mercurius or essence was isolated by distillation to produce the vegetable mercurius.
It is necessary to undertand the associations and and think in this manner in order to understand Alchemilla, “The little Alchemist” , because this plant produces mercurius on it´s leaves. Something within it is distilling the essence and simultaneously helping to preserve it. In a material sense Alchemila must correspond to processes which encourage cohesion on the surface of the droplet and prevent vaporization, while at the same time (and plants seem to work in two opposite directions) it must possess the ability to refine and distill fluids into their most subtle expression or essence."
(Matthew Wood, “The Book of Herbal Wisdom”)
It has a time honored traditional use as a woman's healing herb. It contains salicylic acid and has sedative properties that help to alleviate cramps and painful menstruations. Lady´s Mantle has astringent and styptic properties, on account of the tannins it contains. Lady's Mantle has a 'drying and binding character', and is traditionally considered one of the best vulneraries or wound herbs.
It is a very healing herb for the womb. It is good to use during and after pregnancy.
Alchemilla was one of my first plantguides. She truly opened the gates to the World of healing herbs and alchemy for me. I read that it is highly beneficial for alchemists who want to explore this Kingdom and dedicate themselves to Herbal Alchemy to work with the Spagyric Essence of Alchemilla and it seems that it had this effect in me. I began to wander the plantpath and make elixirs. I opened Alchemilla Apothecary.
In the same way in which the subtle, invisible membrane preserving the cohesion and integrity if the droplet is maintained, we can imagine Alchemilla making a subtle, invisible membrane around a person. It is encouraging integrity and cohesion. It works uplifting and empowering.
For me Alchemilla has both Lunar and Venusian qualities.
If you want to buy the spagyric tincture: 10 ml 150 kr + shipping

contact: turtleok@hotmail.com

It contains the essential oil, spirit, and purified mineral salts of Alchemilla Vulgaris.
It also contains dewdrops collected by Alchemilla during full moons.

Alchemists searched for alchemilla dewdrops, very important as vibrations, plentiful with celestial 'Nitro' and the lunar influences.

Lunar qualities
The Spagyric Tincture contains dewdrops collected by Alchemilla during full moons

Womans Tea
* Red Clover * Rose * Alchemilla * Raspberryleaf * Blueberryleaf * Black Currantleaf *

Helps during PMS and menstruation
These healing plants are still out there! It is good to harvest on a sunny day.

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