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St. Johns Wort Elixir

Hypericum Perforatum is a perennial found over much of the world. It is fondest of sunny places, southern slopes for example and dry soils.
It has leaves set in pairs along the stems , and bright yellow, five-petaled flowers that bloom from june to september. The petals are dotted with little perforations. This indicates one of Hypericum Perforatum´s properties: It is used for leaky energy. Sometimes energy can be leaking from us, and it becomes easier to pick up on the energy of others making us feel tired and drained. This magical plant fills up these energetic holes and centers us so our energy stays within us and we no longer pick up on unwanted vibes or fall under the domination of untoward people.

Distilling the essential oil of Hypericum Perforatum, the soul-principle of the Spagyric Tincture.

I have worked with the preparation of the Spagyric Tincure on Sun-days except that I picked the flowers and macerated them on St. Johns Day.  The elixir holds concentrated Solar energies.
This elixir is wonderful, it lights up the solar plexus chakra , the inner sun.
It is grounding and Joyful. It gives a very centered energy and focus, lightening up the inner lantern in the darkness to see your true purpose. It is a balsam for the soul and has a powerful effect on the nervous system. It strengthens the animal instinct in the gut , to trust the intuition.
Hypericum Perforatum is used in cases of melancholia, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and is also good for mental burnout and insomnia. (I am making a specific elixir for Seasonal Affective Disorder that I will soon introduce : "Light in the Dark" )
Hypericum Perforatum has long been associated with witches, pixies, fairies and saints.
Herba Sanctis Johannis , was the name in medieval Matria Medicas. Since St. John the Baptist was beheaded , he makes a suitable patron for this herb since it is used by herbalists to treat cuts and wounds, not to mention his Solar Conciousness.
I have to think here of St.Joan of Arc since another of the properties of this magical plant is to heal burns. An excellent remedy for sunburn is the infused oil of Hypericum Perforatum. It is good to use the solar energy to infuse a good quality oil of your choice, virgin oliveoil for example. It is common in the world of medicinal herbs that there is paradox , and in the case of Hypericum Perforatum you should note that it is somewhat phototoxic, and if you take it internally or apply it to the skin you should stay out of direct sunlight for the next day or two.
In the same magical paradoxical way, it is a stomach normalizer applicable in both hyperacidity and hypoacidity. When the gut is in balance – intuitions are stronger.
It is a very good remedy for children who are afraid of the dark , have insomnia and/or nightmares but should then be prepared as a tea.
Hypericum Perforatum should not be mixed with Birth Control Pills or prescribed medications.
If you want to try this Spagyric Tincture, you can order it from me by writing a message here: turtleok@hotmail.com

10 ml 150 kr + shipping

Prepared the 24/6 - The Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist. The Gospel of Luke (Luke 1:36, 56–57) states that John was born about six months before Jesus; therefore, the feast of John the Baptist was fixed on 24 June, six months before Christmas Eve. This feast day is one of the very few saints' days which commemorates the anniversary of the birth, rather than the death, of the saint being honored. The Solar Return.

The Feast of St. John closely coincides with the June solstice, also referred to as Midsummer in the Northern hemisphere.

Spagyric Tincture , containing the spirit, essential oil and purified mineral salts of of Hypericum Perforatum, St. John´s Wort

My guardian checking the maceration of the Spagyric Tincture. It has been infused by Solar Energy to release 
it´s magical red color.

Happy Solar Return!

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