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Rosemary Recall Elixir

Rosmarinus Officinalis
Rosemary is a solar plant , warming, drying , circulatory and digestive.
Elementary it is connected to Air as it is relieves gaz and bloating.

Rosemary increases the bloodflow and works on the cardio vascular system. It can be used as a driver for other herbs as it is cirulating . A very good trinity for the heart and cirulation of the blood is yarrow, hawthornberry and rosemary.
It is good for both low and high bloodpreassure.
Rosemary is very good for the eyes, bringing cirulation of blood and especially good in case of glaucoma.
Rosemary has purple flowers which often is an indicator that it has something to do with the crown chakra, the brain and nervous system . By increasing the “burning processes” hroughout the body, glucose levels in the blood are brought down. This strengthens all functions of the body but especially of the heart and the brain, which subsist on huge quantities of bloodsugar. (Gümbel , 1993, 213)
Rudolph Steiner taught that Rosemary increase the sense of selfhood, which he related to the solar propertiesor the warmth of the body , to support selfconciousness , especially to be used in the morning to stimulate awareness.
What I lespecially love Rosemary for is it´s memory enhancing abilities. Shakespear mentions ”There´s Rosemary, that´s for remembrance” .
I use it in the Dream Recall Elixir for example.
Rosemary means “Dew of the Sea” in Greek.
Scholars in ancient Greece wore sprigs of rosemary when taking tests because they believed the herb would improve their performance.
There were gardens planted where Rosemary was growing especially for this reason where the students were studying.
Several recent studies prove to the skeptics that the Greek scholars and Shakespear knew exactly what Rosemary does.
One of the studies from the Department of Nursing at Nambu University in Korea–found that rosemary benefits has a significant and measurable positive effect on test takers. That same benefit carries over to any high-stress situation that requires concentration, memory, and cognition.”

It is not only useful in testsituations but for long term memory especially.

If you are interested to try the benifits of Rosemary in an exhalted  form
I have made a Spagyric Tincture containing the Spirit, Essential oil and purified mineral salt of Rosmarinus Officinalis. The Spirit, soul and body - the essence of Rosemary.
I have prepared it on sundays to capture the Solar Energies. As above - so below.
10 ml bottle (see photo) 150 kr + shipping
Contact me to order at : turtleok@hotmail.com
It is incredible! When I use it one of the effects is that  I remember very early childhood memories, passages from books and songs I did not remember that I remember. 

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