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Wisdom of Salvia Elixir

Sage is a complex plant with a variety of effects.
The properties of sage do change with the metod of preparation.

The hot tea brings out the aromatics and is therefore useful as a stimulant to sweating , salivation and internal secretion.
The cold tea will decrease secretions, including sweating , salivation, mucus production in mouth, throat and lungs and lactation – it is a remedy for curbing milk production.
The lukewarm tea is bacteriostatic and astringent, hence beneficial in sore throats, sweetened with honey and lemon it is a delicious drink.
I made the spagyric tincture of sage. Spagyric tinctures or elixirs as they are also called are philosophical medicines. Very concentrated and on a high vibration - they work on spirit, soul and body simultanousely. These medicines work as teachers. Sage is what the word means in french: Wise.
Sage is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication (throat) and the messenger of the Gods, or mediator of the above and below. This plant embodies a depth of wisdom like no other plant, containing within it many secrets. Sage is who simultaneously embodies the Earth and the wisdom of the Divine, of which Mercury mediates and which this plant teaches. It holds a strong correspondence to the crown chakra as well.
Sage embodies some of the highest wisdom of the plant kingdom, it holds the essence of purity, embodied wisdom, and practical application of spirituality. It helps with the integration of the spiritual and physical worlds, unifying them. Dissolving the boundary between the mundane day-to-day world and our spiritual life.
Sage helps us to put spiritual knowledge into the heart where it is embodied and transmuted into wisdom.
It allows us to walk the spiritual path with practical feet .To walk our talk.
This is an amazing remedy to work with for an extended period of time in meditation, contemplation, and ceremony.
If you are interested in working with the spagyric tincture of sage , you can order 10 ml for 150 kr + shipping from Alchemilla Apothecary by writing me a message at turtleok@hotmail.com
Essential oil, spirit, and purified mineral salts of Sage , Salvia Officinalis

               Sage, Ruled by Mercury - the mediator between the Above and the Below. The Messenger.

Distillation of the Sulphur of Sage

Distillation of Sage. I used to correspond it to Jupiter, but the more I work with Sage the more I notice it´s Mercurial qualities.

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