lördag 19 september 2015

Mighty Mullein Elixir

Mullein Spagyric Tincture
Essential oil, spirit, and purified mineral salts of Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus)
I was up in the hour of Saturn to calcinate the Mighty Mullein! I have been working with this glorious plant on Saturn-days (Saturdays) , picking the leaves and flowers when the moon was in Virgo.
This magic herb has been protective in various cultures. Ulysses defended himself from Circe's evil magic with Mullein.
Mullein also has various connections to the idea of returning, which we can see as a Saturnian power (emphasizing borders and staying inside them). For instance, in Great Britain it was used to help bring back children who had been kidnapped by fairies. The Navajo wrapped the leaves in a corn husk to be smoked to help a mind return if it was lost, and the Potowatami smudged unconcscious people with the leaves to help them return to consciousness. Consider mullein useful in centering the spirit and coming back to your true path.
For hundreds of years Mullein flowering stalks have been dipped in oil and used as torches. The torch-quality is a signature providing focus and grounding to those who feel they have lost their way or can’t see their path. They often feel in the dark and disjointed, and the confusion leaves them tense and with a deep sense of abandonment. Consider it the perfect plant for those “hiding their light under a bushel”, instead of letting it shine, usually from fear of rejection or out of confusion of how to shine. Mullein will help provide the internal sense of safety and confidence needed for them to grow into their glory.
Mullein is an excellent remedy for the respiratory tract: lungs, throat, bronchi etc. It contains the pattern of softening those things that have turned hard. This action exists on the physical level, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual. Physically, it moistens, softens, and lubricates irritated, dry, and inflamed mucosal tissues, primarily in the lungs, and but also in the fluid spaces between the vertebrae. Where the mucous is supposed to be fluid, in the presence of excess heat it has a tendency to harden. Mullein softens these hardenings and fascilitates their expectoration, easing inflammation, and restoring the tone and secretions of the tissues.
Mentally and emotionally, it is good for Virgo type- people who can tend to be overly analytical, critical, and judgemental, especially on themselves- what we usually call being hard on yourself. Mullein softens these people up and teaches them to gentler on themselves and others, to focus on what is working and good, rather than what is going wrong and challenging. It assists in our spinal alignment (of which it carries a strong signature), not only through lubrication of the vertebrae, but also energetically by balancing our alignment of Earth and Sky in the heart. In plant spirit healing it is used for ones alignment with the divine, assisting one to soften, open and receive the guidance from source energy.

You can order the Spagyric tincture from : turtleok@hotmail.com
10 ml for 150 kr + shipping
Virgos get it for 100 kr + shipping

Mullein is a perennial. The first year the leaves are collected. They are very soft.

The second year the flowers are collected.

Mulleinflowers can be infused together with garlic in oliveoil and used to relieve earache.
Warm the oil and put a drop in the achy ear. It soothes nerve pain and is inflammation modulating.

Driving home when the moon was in Virgo to work with the Mighty Mullein.

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