tisdag 29 september 2015

Sleep Support Spagyric Tincture

Sömn Support/ Sleep Support

A formula for those who have troubble sleeping and do not wish to take prescription medication.


Läkepassionsblomma / Passiflora incarnata /Passionflower
Havre i mjölkigt stadium/ Avena Sativa /Milky Oats
Frossört/ Scutellaria galericulata / Skullcap
Ljung/ Calluna vulgaris /Heather
Lindblommor och blad/ Tilia Cordata /Linden flower and leaf
Humle/ Humulus lupulus / Hops
Vänderot/ Valeriana officinalis / Valerianroot
Kava kava/ Piper methysticum
Ashwagandarot/ Withania somnifera /Ashwaganda root
Roman Chamomile /Chamaemelum nobile/ Kamomill

Organic / wildcrafted herbs
Organic alcohol
Hydrosol of Calluna Vulgaris
The purified mineral salts of the herbs

Take 7-15  drops in a small amount of water one hour before going to bed.
If you  are pregnant, breastfeeding or take prescription medication, please consult your doctor before using.

To order: e-mail me at turtleok@hotmail.com
10 ml 150 kr + shipping
30 ml 250 kr + shipping

Farmers everywhere know that a field is far more productive when it is allowed to periodically lie fallow and regenerate its fertile soil. Sleep provides a similar period of rest for the body and mind.
Sleep has important restorative functions and while sleeping this is where our bodies repair and rejuvenation of tissues take place  –  in the brain and elsewhere in the body.

Sleep is one of the best therapies we can offer ourselves to restore us back to our natural state of balance and wellbeing.  In sleep ,  the body activates many of its self healing potencies.
                                                                    Calluna vulgaris
                                                                      Avena Sativa

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