tisdag 29 september 2015

Sleep Support Spagyric Tincture

Sömn Support/ Sleep Support

A formula for those who have troubble sleeping and do not wish to take prescription medication.


Läkepassionsblomma / Passiflora incarnata /Passionflower
Havre i mjölkigt stadium/ Avena Sativa /Milky Oats
Frossört/ Scutellaria galericulata / Skullcap
Ljung/ Calluna vulgaris /Heather
Lindblommor och blad/ Tilia Cordata /Linden flower and leaf
Humle/ Humulus lupulus / Hops
Vänderot/ Valeriana officinalis / Valerianroot
Kava kava/ Piper methysticum
Ashwagandarot/ Withania somnifera /Ashwaganda root
Roman Chamomile /Chamaemelum nobile/ Kamomill

Organic / wildcrafted herbs
Organic alcohol
Hydrosol of Calluna Vulgaris
The purified mineral salts of the herbs

Take 7-15  drops in a small amount of water one hour before going to bed.
If you  are pregnant, breastfeeding or take prescription medication, please consult your doctor before using.

To order: e-mail me at turtleok@hotmail.com
10 ml 150 kr + shipping
30 ml 250 kr + shipping

Farmers everywhere know that a field is far more productive when it is allowed to periodically lie fallow and regenerate its fertile soil. Sleep provides a similar period of rest for the body and mind.
Sleep has important restorative functions and while sleeping this is where our bodies repair and rejuvenation of tissues take place  –  in the brain and elsewhere in the body.

Sleep is one of the best therapies we can offer ourselves to restore us back to our natural state of balance and wellbeing.  In sleep ,  the body activates many of its self healing potencies.
                                                                    Calluna vulgaris
                                                                      Avena Sativa

måndag 28 september 2015

Urtica Dioica Elixir

Nettle are found in waste places and woods throughout the world. They are recognized – even in the dark, as Culpeper notes- by the sting they produce on contact.
Nettle is an excellent ally when you need strong energetic borders around you.
Ruled by Mars
And just as the red planet and the blood, it is full of iron. It builds and purifies the blood,it is alcalizing, full of nutrients, many other minerals and chlorofyll.
Stinging and burning it cools and act as an anti inflammatory.
The elixir is very good to take for healing burns faster and release the heat.
Nettleleaves are full of little formic acid crystals that look like needles. Interesting enough the calcinated saltcrystals that are in the elixir look exactly like these acidcrystals, like small spears. They were orange as well, full of iron.
Nettle like to grow downstream from a septic system or other soil that has been contaminated/enriched with nitrates and uric acid and waste products. It uses these byproducts of protein to build up the high degree of protein found in the plant. It removes uric acid waste products from the system, by using protein building-blocks and not allowing them to pass uselessly into the general economy of the system. Nettle is a remedy that gets the job done. It works with complicated protein building-blocks to build some of the most complex molecules used by the body.It is a highly nutrituous food which supplies these materials , but it also supplies the Know-How, the INTENSITY to use them. Here I see a correspondance to Aries in the zodiac, the sparky initiator , full of intensity, ready to initiate a new idea head-first. Nettle is used to treat inactivity , as in impotence, but more generally , of any organ.
Nettle is also cooling hot, angry frustration, cooling the mind.
Nettle is a great protector against inflammation but also on an energetic level it is acting as a guard of ones integrity. It is good to call on Nettle when one feels invaded.
I have had very good experiences using the nettle spagyric tincture against seasonal allergy, hayfever and it has worked well for others that tried it too.
I higly recomend taking a cure of Nettle Elixir, the Spagyric Tincture, as a springcleaning and immunity boost. After the long winter we need the energy, intensity and know-how of the Spirit of Nettle.
To order, send me a message : turtleok@hotmail.com
10 ml 150 kr + shipping
The Spagyric Tincture contains the spirit, essential oil and purified mineral saltcrystals of Urtica Dioica

söndag 27 september 2015

Doubble Spagyric Tincture of Mother Elder

Sambucus Nigra


The lore surrounding the Elder is immense and mysterious.  The Elder serves as a doorway to the Underworld, or magical faery realm. Elder was sometimes called “Hylde Moer” or “Elder Mother” . Elder Mother is the Queen of the Underworld, a different dimension .  In Iceland, where faeries are still taken very seriosusly, they are known as the “Huldafolk”, meaning “hidden people” . The name Elder also has to do with “Eld”, fire, as it is a fever remedy.
Sambucus comes from the latin term for a musical instrument – The Pan Pipes – which were origianlly made from the hollow stems. Anything which was held in the hand of the Lord of the Hunt- the guardian of the Animals and the spouse of the Lady of the Underworld - ought to be powerful indeed.

In The Little Elder Mother by H C  Andersen, the tree serves as metaphore for the poetic genious , the origin of fairy tales.

The person travelling to the Underworld is faced with three choices. It is possible to remain in that enchanted world. Another choice is to return to the Middle World (the ordinary world) : This is the difficult road, on this road one becaomes the mediator of gifts from that magical realm to everyday society.The last choice is to take the easy way, that leads to Heaven or Hell they say, for one can become spiritually corrupted and use the spiritual gifts one has obtained for egoistical use.

The Imagination is often ignored by people concerned  with making a living amid the dust and thorns of the material world,  Imagination is the channel of communication from another dimesnion. Tubular plants such as Elder and Angelica have long been associated with the shamanic journey to the Underworld.
This hollow signature is reflected as Elder used as a remedy opens all tubes of the body (skin, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood vessels) improving oxygenation , blood flow, perspiration, and elimination by the colon or kidneys. Elder is a relaxant, removing spasmodic caugh , spasm in the stomach and colic.  The berries are  bloodbuilding and are very good cooked down with sugar as a syrup for colds , flu and sore throats.

Elder is the “Great Infant Remedy”  good for red dry irritaded skin of the cheeks, opens the tubes and pores and lubricates the skin , improves respiration , digestion and kidney funktion. It is as well good for adults with red hot skin.

Information from Matthew Woods book "The book of herbal wisdom" 

I started to prepare the Elixir in july where I distilled the flowers and let them macerate until I collected the berries and let them macerate together with the flowers, creating a doubble tincture from the white flowers that look like five pointed stars and the dark purple almost black berries , the polar qualities of father time and mother of death and rebirth .
The spagyric tincture is a great antioxidant and  aids to improve immunity in winter time. It is also a gatekeeper to the spirit world. It is called Elder for a reason! It is a teacher of Nature , of time, life and death.

I connect it to Saturn as a gatekeeper to the invisible realm and a teacher of time.

The spagyric tincture contains the spirit, essential oil and purified mineralsalt of Sambucus Nigra flower and berry.

Order a bottle of 30 ml for 250 kr + shipping or a 10 ml for 150 kr + shipping
Doubble Tincture , Flower and Berry of
Mother Elder , Sambucus Nigra

                                                                                Thank you Mother Elder

fredag 25 september 2015

Angelica Archangelica Elixir

Angelica archangelica
Angelica is an important Shamanic plant among the Saami people of the Far North.
In Native American herbalism it is refered to as a “Bear Medicine”.  Just as the bear goes into hibernation through the winter , bear medicine usually relax the mind, open the imagination and bring people into dreamtime. Angelica certainly has this capacity.
Bears eats these roots upon awakening  in spring to wake up, clear their throat and start rebuilding their mass.

Angelica has many medicinal properties.  A most impressive Angelica-therapy is the treatment of swellings, inflammations and  glandular indurations, particularly of the head and neck region.
It is good for anguish, spasms, nervous excitation and fatigue ; calms excess in both the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic.
It is good for arthritis and gout as well as muscular cramps, spasms and epilepsy.
Very good for the liver, increases digestion and metabolism of oil and production of bile, secretion of bile , hence increases  disgestion and nutrition.

I see Angelica as an embodiment of  the Alchemical device “As above so below” . The deep aromatic root and the umbrella-like flower full of starlike seeds  are connected through a hollow stem , a channel connecting the heaven and the earth. This is one of the effects the Spagyric Tincture may have upon you – making you feel like this channel.
Looking at the root from a different angle, it is light and airy. In fact, it contains pockets of air. It grows in damp conditions. Thus it aerates or brings air into the watery realm. It makes fluids more active and breaks up concentration of water , phlegm and blood. It promotes peripheral circulation , and opens up the lungs. It relaxes the throat and makes it easier to take long deep breaths. It simultaneously opens the imagination and the mind. Angelica aligns you to walk with your guardian angel.

Angelica is traditionally considered a solar plant. I connect it both to the sun (warming,) and also to Mercury (aromatic, volatile oil, lungs, respiration, the channel between the above and below, as Mercury  is the mediator and messenger between these two worlds)
"Angelica aligns you to walk with your guardian angel" A drawing of an angel by the founder of Alchemilla Apothecary when she was almost 4 years old.

The spagyric tincture contains the spirit, essential oil and purified mineral salt of Angelic Anrchangelica.
10 ml 150 kr + shipping

contact me to order at : turtleok@hotmail.com

tisdag 22 september 2015

Evolutionary Equistum Arvense Elixir

Equistum Arvense

Horsetail is a Saturnian remedy.  A signature is the ringed stalks.
Saturnian remedies goes deep into our DNA, the Karmic Patterns and connects us to the Invisible Landscape, opening us up tosubtle energies.
Call on Saturn to instill courage and strength. When you need to learn how to be firm , set boundaries and limits, learn to do things step by step with discipline.

Horsetail is a deeply initiatic remedy. It is one of the oldest plants in the world, alsongside ferns. They used to be as high as trees. They are teaching us about our DNA , Ancesteral Patterns and Transformational Timetravel and  to break the patterns that no longer benefits us.

Horsetail is full of minerals, especially silica which builds hair, skin and nails and connective tissue.
It is impossible to extract the silica from this plant  without the calcination process done in Spagyric practice. In an ordinary tincture it is not extracted.

It is diuretic, draining water, working on the kidneys. It is is an astringent tonic which means that it brings tone to relaxed tissues.
It is very good for nervous, tense and anxious  people who bites on their nails and twirls their hair around a finger.  It is strengthening and like Aquarius it is a bringer of life – waterbearer – from the invisible world to anchor it on earth. It is grounding.

"The mature stem of horsetail is topped off by a spore-carrying structure which looks likean alemic, a cap-like glassware used in alchemy and chemistry. Horsetail has an affinity to the "distilling"movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the brain, just as it does to the distilling tubukes in the kidneys. On a mundane level, Horsetail is indicated wherer there is a disturbance in the distillations, so that the little tubules which leave the brain through the ethmoid sieve are clogged, resulting in sinus congestion and dripping head colds. Thus it is , as Culpeper relates, "effectual against a caugh that comes by distillations from the head".  " - Matthew Wood , The book of herbal wisdom, using plants as medicines

Horsetail is an ancient plant which dominated the dinosaur period. During that time, there were specimens that grew to be the size of a giant pine tree. These giants were long believed to be extinct, but recently, several dozen plants were discovered living in a remote valley in Australia.

The spirit of Horsetail is an ancient teacher. It is an important plantteacher for alchemists because it teaches about death – Longviety, the quality of life and a long life.
It is the oldest evolution of life on earth!

Think about it!

I have prepared the Horsetail spagyric Tincture on Saturdays .
It contains the spirit, sulpthur and salt of Equistum Arvense
10 ml 150 kr + shipping
contact me to order : turtleok@hotmail.com

Rosemary Recall Elixir

Rosmarinus Officinalis
Rosemary is a solar plant , warming, drying , circulatory and digestive.
Elementary it is connected to Air as it is relieves gaz and bloating.

Rosemary increases the bloodflow and works on the cardio vascular system. It can be used as a driver for other herbs as it is cirulating . A very good trinity for the heart and cirulation of the blood is yarrow, hawthornberry and rosemary.
It is good for both low and high bloodpreassure.
Rosemary is very good for the eyes, bringing cirulation of blood and especially good in case of glaucoma.
Rosemary has purple flowers which often is an indicator that it has something to do with the crown chakra, the brain and nervous system . By increasing the “burning processes” hroughout the body, glucose levels in the blood are brought down. This strengthens all functions of the body but especially of the heart and the brain, which subsist on huge quantities of bloodsugar. (Gümbel , 1993, 213)
Rudolph Steiner taught that Rosemary increase the sense of selfhood, which he related to the solar propertiesor the warmth of the body , to support selfconciousness , especially to be used in the morning to stimulate awareness.
What I lespecially love Rosemary for is it´s memory enhancing abilities. Shakespear mentions ”There´s Rosemary, that´s for remembrance” .
I use it in the Dream Recall Elixir for example.
Rosemary means “Dew of the Sea” in Greek.
Scholars in ancient Greece wore sprigs of rosemary when taking tests because they believed the herb would improve their performance.
There were gardens planted where Rosemary was growing especially for this reason where the students were studying.
Several recent studies prove to the skeptics that the Greek scholars and Shakespear knew exactly what Rosemary does.
One of the studies from the Department of Nursing at Nambu University in Korea–found that rosemary benefits has a significant and measurable positive effect on test takers. That same benefit carries over to any high-stress situation that requires concentration, memory, and cognition.”

It is not only useful in testsituations but for long term memory especially.

If you are interested to try the benifits of Rosemary in an exhalted  form
I have made a Spagyric Tincture containing the Spirit, Essential oil and purified mineral salt of Rosmarinus Officinalis. The Spirit, soul and body - the essence of Rosemary.
I have prepared it on sundays to capture the Solar Energies. As above - so below.
10 ml bottle (see photo) 150 kr + shipping
Contact me to order at : turtleok@hotmail.com
It is incredible! When I use it one of the effects is that  I remember very early childhood memories, passages from books and songs I did not remember that I remember. 

måndag 21 september 2015

Dream Recall Elixir

This elixir is good for those who want to work with lucid dreaming and dream recall.
To be awake in the dream and lucid in waking life.

"Once upon a time, Zhuang Zhou dreamed he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting about happily enjoying himself. He did not know that he was Zhou. Suddenly he awoke, and was palpably Zhou. He did not know whether he was Zhou, who had dreamed of being a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming that he was Zhou. Now, there must be a difference between Zhou and the butterfly. This is called the transformation of things."
Zhuangzi, chapter 2

Gråbo/ Artemisia vulgaris /Mugwort
Rosmarin/ Rosmarinus officinalis /Rosemary
Läkepassionsblomma/ Passiflora incarnata /Passionflower
Ginkgo Biloba
Lavendel/ Lavandula /Lavender
Salvia/ Salvia Officinalis /Sage
Citronmeliss/ Melissa Officinalis /Lemonbalm

Spagyric tincture
Organic / wildcrafted herbs
Organic alcohol
Hydrosol of Artemisa Vulgaris
Take 7 drops in a small amount of water or directly on the tongue with dropper.
If you take prescription medication please consult your doctor before using. Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding.
30 ml 250 kr + shipping / 10 ml  150 kr + shipping 
write me at turtleok@hotmail.com to order
I will soon set up an online shop! 
Sweet dreams!

söndag 20 september 2015

Stop Smoking Support Elixir

A formula to support the person wanting to stop smoking

The first time I tried a spagyric tincture of Lobelia I had the sensation as if I just had been smoking a cigarette , but much better! It also made me take long deep breaths and I felt calm and satisfied.
I began working on a Support formula for smokers who want to quit.
I knew another helpful ally : Cleavers
I have worked with  Cleavers in a flow elixir for writer´s block or artist funk and noticed 
it´s remarkable way of teaching one to LET GO, go with the flow, be in tune with your senses. 
Here is what my herbalism teacher Sajah Popham has to say about it: 

Cleavers is a humble little woodland herb also known as bedstraw, for the Deer have been known to bed down in patches of it over night, giving it an animal correspondence (a common practice in Native American herbalism). The Deer type personality in people tends to be tall, thin, dry, nervous types (vata constitution in Ayurveda), with prominent joints. Cleavers also fits this description, and it is this constitution it is specific for. It is used in modern herbalism as a cooling and soothing diuretic, supporting a healthy inflammatory response in the kidneys and urinary tract. It has acts on the lymphatics, helping to decongest stagnation of the fluids. It is very nourishing and moistening to vata-deer types, and is also slightly grounding and nervine in its action.
Ruled by Venus (who rules the kidneys), Cleavers is excellent for use to reliagn ones relationships, especially intimate partnerships where there is a pattern of one person being too clingy (being a Cleaver) and the other one pushing away. This clinginess is a signature of the plant, as it sticks to passerbys in the woods. Cleavers teaches us about emotional fluidity, flexibility, how to relax, loosen up, and learn to let go. This letting go can be of old attachments, patterns, addictions, or fixations (all of which are relationships).

Distilling Galium Aparine. Part of the Stop Smoking Support formula. Cleavers is a ‘deer medicine’, a category in Native American herbalism associated with the nerves. It is a great helper in the breaking of addictive patterns. 

Another Ally in the Stop Smoking Support Elixir: Veronica Officinalis.

Maria Treben writes that Veronica (or Speedwell as it is called in english) growing under oaktrees are most potent and I have also come to this conclusion. The speedwell transformed into a spagyric tincture grew under a very old oaktree in my garden. It supports the respiratory tract and  lungs but is also calming yet uplifting - very crown chakra. Look at the amazing color of the tincture of Veronica.

Avena sativa
Oats are highly nourishing, revitalizing, restorative, and rejuvenating. Ancient legend says that Gaia herself was weaned on the milk of this flowering plant. Oats are the seeds and  milky oats the flowering herb in the milky stage. 

Here you see Milky Oats macerating in alcohol . What a color! Paired with Skullcap (Scutellaria Galericulata) they become a balsam to the nerves.

The Stop Smoking Support Elixir contains a balance of nervine and adaptogenic herbs to support a healthy stressresponse.

While I was myself quitting smoking with the help of this formula I came across this paper on Lobelia:
Lobelia impacts neurotransmitter activity in a way that is similar to nicotine.  The active ingredient, Lobeline, is a both a nicotine agonist and antagonist derived from an Indian plant “lobelia inflata.”  Here's what that means:
The brain has neurotransmitter receptor cells that have been labeled 'nicotinic' receptors because they are stimulated by nicotine.  Lobeline acts on these cells as an 'agonist,' which means that it binds to these cells and stimulates them in a similar way to nicotine.  (The effects are not as strong as nicotine, however.)  Because the drug is in effect 'parked' at the receptor sites on these cells, it also partially blocks nicotine from activating them, thereby reducing the effect of nicotine in the brain from smoking, and helping to reduce the 'reward' associated with smoking.
Interestingly, unlike nicotine, which is highly addictive, lobeline does not appear to be addictive.  This may be because of its structural differences from nicotine, and the different ways that it affects dopamine storage and release.  (Dopamine is another a neurotransmitter - one that is implicated in addictive patterns of behavior.) 
Rather than stimulating the release of dopamine in the normal way (from the presynaptic terminal), lobeline appears to induce the metabolism of dopamine intraneuronally as well as inhibit dopamine re-uptake.  The result of this is that rather than getting a 'dose' of rewarding dopamine immediately connected to the behavior of smoking (or of taking lobeline), the dopamine effect is more diffuse.  So you still get the pleasant dopamine effect, but because it is not strongly associated with the behavior, it does not induce addictive behaviors, and in fact partially blocks the addictive effect of nicotine intake.
Dwoskin LP, Crooks PA., (2002) A novel mechanism of action and potential use for lobeline as a treatment for psychostimulant abuse. Biochemical Pharmacology. Jan 15;63(2):89-98.

Contains among other herbs:

Ärenpris /Veronica officinalis /Speedwell
Havre i mjölkigt stadium/ Avena Sativa /Milky oats
Frossört/ Scutellaria galericulata /Skullcap
Lobelia Inflata
Sibirisk Ginseng/ Eleutherococcus senticosus /Siberian Ginseng
Snärjmåra/ Gallium Aparine /Cleavers
Spagyric Tincture
Organic / wildcrafted herbs
Organic alcohol
Hydrosol of Gallium Aparine
Take 3-7 drops directly on the tongue with dropper when in need.
If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or take prescription medication, please consult your doctor before using.
30 ml
350 swedish krona + shipping
to order , write me: turtleok@hotmail.com

I want to share 2 useful tips for the one wanting to stop smoking to use in combination with the Elixir:
Make a ceremony where you commit and ask the universe to help you be a vessle for transformation at the new moon and start then 
Drink a liversupporting  tea the first 72 hours
Make a decoction of :
Turmeric root
Ginger root
Liquerice root
Dandelion root
Burdock root
Milk Thistle Seed

lördag 19 september 2015

Fireweed Elixir

Today I work with Fireweed.
Since july I have been preparing Fireweed Spagyric Tincture . On a Sunday I harvested the plant and macerated it in alcohol for 40 philosophical days : the mercury principle - to release it´s spirit. I distilled the essential oil , it´s soul when the moon was in Leo. I calcinated the plants that were going through the transformational processes and burned it into a white ash on a Sunday since it is a solar plant. This ash I purified in distilled hydrosol of fireweed and calcinated again to obtain mineralcrystals, the salt/ body of the plant- it´s mineral matrix. The Fireweed was separated into its principle components, exhalted and concentrated, and recombined into a higher state of being.

This humble roadside weed has a powerful spirit embodying the essence of the Fire Element. It is a true survivor. It is one of the first plants to be reintroduced to an environment that has gone through a forest fire, a telling signature of this plants properties. It is useful during calcination phases of life- when everything seems to be falling apart and crumbling around you; mental and emotional forest fires so to speak.
In this way, Fireweed assists in the full clearing of those things in our lives that prevent us from walking our true path, as well as sowing the seeds of truth into our heart and mind so that we can move forward in alignment with our highest purpose and good. When our lives have been cleared of all things that we identified ourselves with, Fireweed is an excellent remedy to awaken the Fire in the heart and help us to move forward on our true path.
10 ml bottle of the essence of Fireweed : Essential oil, spirit, and purified mineral salts of Fireweed leaf , root and flower (Epilobium angustifolium)
150 kr + shipping
order by writing to: turtleok@hotmail.com

Calcination of Fireweed, the Salt-principle

Distillation of the essential oil of Fireweed, the Sulphur-principle

                                                          Maceration of Fireweed, the Mercury-principle

Artemis Mugwort Elixir

Artemisia Vulgaris
Mugwort is a an Eurasian plant of very ancient medicinal usage. It is called the oldest of plants (yldost wyrta) in The Charm of the Nine Worts, an ancient Anglo-Saxon book. It finds a place in the pharmacopoeia of Europe, China and India.
Artemis – goddess of the moon and mother of nature.

Suited for the different epochs of a womans life - the initiations from maiden to mother to crone , to the “feminine instincts” and allied faculties – intuition, art, creativity, dream – and to the feminine side of men.
Artemis of the wildland, Mistress of Animals -
a huntress carrying a bow and arrows.
I have been working with Artemisia on Mondays this summer . Mugwort shines in the moonlight and affects dreaming. I picked her during full moons and distilled the essential oil when the moon was in Sagitarius. I calcinated on moon-days while smudging Artemisia , completing the elixir in ceremony.
Spagyric tincture containing the spirits, essential oil and purified mineral salts of Artemisia Vulgaris
10 ml 150 kr + shipping
Contact: turtleok@hotmail.com
Caution: Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

                      Artemis in "Mutus Liber" - The virgin Goddess giving the alchemist the egg of life.

                                                   Distilling Artemisia Vulgaris essential oil

              A dreampillow with Artemisia Vulgaris and some other herbs that are good for dreamwork.

                 Artemisia Vulgaris - aids in violent menstrual pains at the beginning of menstruation

Smudgesticks are bundles of herbs tied together with cottonstring. When dried used as incense to purify a space, persons and objects. Here are some different ones. Artemisia Vulgaris is very nice to use in a smudge for dreamwork.

Lunar activities at Alchemillas Apotek

Mighty Mullein Elixir

Mullein Spagyric Tincture
Essential oil, spirit, and purified mineral salts of Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus)
I was up in the hour of Saturn to calcinate the Mighty Mullein! I have been working with this glorious plant on Saturn-days (Saturdays) , picking the leaves and flowers when the moon was in Virgo.
This magic herb has been protective in various cultures. Ulysses defended himself from Circe's evil magic with Mullein.
Mullein also has various connections to the idea of returning, which we can see as a Saturnian power (emphasizing borders and staying inside them). For instance, in Great Britain it was used to help bring back children who had been kidnapped by fairies. The Navajo wrapped the leaves in a corn husk to be smoked to help a mind return if it was lost, and the Potowatami smudged unconcscious people with the leaves to help them return to consciousness. Consider mullein useful in centering the spirit and coming back to your true path.
For hundreds of years Mullein flowering stalks have been dipped in oil and used as torches. The torch-quality is a signature providing focus and grounding to those who feel they have lost their way or can’t see their path. They often feel in the dark and disjointed, and the confusion leaves them tense and with a deep sense of abandonment. Consider it the perfect plant for those “hiding their light under a bushel”, instead of letting it shine, usually from fear of rejection or out of confusion of how to shine. Mullein will help provide the internal sense of safety and confidence needed for them to grow into their glory.
Mullein is an excellent remedy for the respiratory tract: lungs, throat, bronchi etc. It contains the pattern of softening those things that have turned hard. This action exists on the physical level, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual. Physically, it moistens, softens, and lubricates irritated, dry, and inflamed mucosal tissues, primarily in the lungs, and but also in the fluid spaces between the vertebrae. Where the mucous is supposed to be fluid, in the presence of excess heat it has a tendency to harden. Mullein softens these hardenings and fascilitates their expectoration, easing inflammation, and restoring the tone and secretions of the tissues.
Mentally and emotionally, it is good for Virgo type- people who can tend to be overly analytical, critical, and judgemental, especially on themselves- what we usually call being hard on yourself. Mullein softens these people up and teaches them to gentler on themselves and others, to focus on what is working and good, rather than what is going wrong and challenging. It assists in our spinal alignment (of which it carries a strong signature), not only through lubrication of the vertebrae, but also energetically by balancing our alignment of Earth and Sky in the heart. In plant spirit healing it is used for ones alignment with the divine, assisting one to soften, open and receive the guidance from source energy.

You can order the Spagyric tincture from : turtleok@hotmail.com
10 ml for 150 kr + shipping
Virgos get it for 100 kr + shipping

Mullein is a perennial. The first year the leaves are collected. They are very soft.

The second year the flowers are collected.

Mulleinflowers can be infused together with garlic in oliveoil and used to relieve earache.
Warm the oil and put a drop in the achy ear. It soothes nerve pain and is inflammation modulating.

Driving home when the moon was in Virgo to work with the Mighty Mullein.