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Evolutionary Equistum Arvense Elixir

Equistum Arvense

Horsetail is a Saturnian remedy.  A signature is the ringed stalks.
Saturnian remedies goes deep into our DNA, the Karmic Patterns and connects us to the Invisible Landscape, opening us up tosubtle energies.
Call on Saturn to instill courage and strength. When you need to learn how to be firm , set boundaries and limits, learn to do things step by step with discipline.

Horsetail is a deeply initiatic remedy. It is one of the oldest plants in the world, alsongside ferns. They used to be as high as trees. They are teaching us about our DNA , Ancesteral Patterns and Transformational Timetravel and  to break the patterns that no longer benefits us.

Horsetail is full of minerals, especially silica which builds hair, skin and nails and connective tissue.
It is impossible to extract the silica from this plant  without the calcination process done in Spagyric practice. In an ordinary tincture it is not extracted.

It is diuretic, draining water, working on the kidneys. It is is an astringent tonic which means that it brings tone to relaxed tissues.
It is very good for nervous, tense and anxious  people who bites on their nails and twirls their hair around a finger.  It is strengthening and like Aquarius it is a bringer of life – waterbearer – from the invisible world to anchor it on earth. It is grounding.

"The mature stem of horsetail is topped off by a spore-carrying structure which looks likean alemic, a cap-like glassware used in alchemy and chemistry. Horsetail has an affinity to the "distilling"movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the brain, just as it does to the distilling tubukes in the kidneys. On a mundane level, Horsetail is indicated wherer there is a disturbance in the distillations, so that the little tubules which leave the brain through the ethmoid sieve are clogged, resulting in sinus congestion and dripping head colds. Thus it is , as Culpeper relates, "effectual against a caugh that comes by distillations from the head".  " - Matthew Wood , The book of herbal wisdom, using plants as medicines

Horsetail is an ancient plant which dominated the dinosaur period. During that time, there were specimens that grew to be the size of a giant pine tree. These giants were long believed to be extinct, but recently, several dozen plants were discovered living in a remote valley in Australia.

The spirit of Horsetail is an ancient teacher. It is an important plantteacher for alchemists because it teaches about death – Longviety, the quality of life and a long life.
It is the oldest evolution of life on earth!

Think about it!

I have prepared the Horsetail spagyric Tincture on Saturdays .
It contains the spirit, sulpthur and salt of Equistum Arvense
10 ml 150 kr + shipping
contact me to order : turtleok@hotmail.com

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