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“Without phosphorus there would be no thought.”
— Jacob Moleschott

Salt: Valerian is a remedy for insomnia, to relax muscles and ease pain.

Mercury: It is especially indicated for spinal pain and people who holds anger inside, causing a knotted feeling in the stomach or low back.

Sulphur: The root of Valerian glows in the dark of the earth by releasing phosphorus which is nourishing the soil and guiding worms and insects in the dark. Valerian help plants draw what they need from the cosmos and the earth by regulating the phosphorus processes. As inner spiritual light, phosphorus relates to the alchemical dark light, the sol niger. The dark light  represents a psychic process in which we endure painful experiences and feelings, resulting in inner spiritual and psychological growth. Food for thought.

Spagyric tincture of Valerianroot.
Small dosees are relaxing while larger doses have the opposite effect.
Start by 3 drops in a little warm water or tea when in need.
You can order by writing me a messaage. 150 kr + shipping.

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