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Solidago comes from the Latin word solidus, which means: “whole” as in “to make one whole” or to bind or bring together.

Salt:Goldenrod supports the kidneys, is good for a cold stomach and  low metabolism. It is a warming, bitter and pungent remedy that is stimulating and increases digestion.
Goldenrod can be helpful in allergies, especially cat allergy with red watery itchy eyes, and itchy nose. It may also be helpful at the first stage of an urineinfection.

Mercury: For worn out people with tired and heavy feet. “Where is the nearest chair?” . Indicated for people who are to worn out to process life. Maria Treben relates how the kidneys help us to work out our emotions and if they become exhausted they slow down, the back and feet are tired and the urinary output is altered.

Sulphur: Goldenrod is a powerful internal cleaner and it is especially good to do a cure at the equinoxes, as the seasons change. Goldenrod connects you to your higher self (makes one whole). Initially emotions may be relaeased as they are cleaned out from under metaphorical carpets, but do not fear,  a stronger connection to your higher self creates enthusiasm, abundance and a more cooperative feeling in the long run. These initial feelings are the reliving of emotions and will pass as those emotions are released from the cleaning. This process can also affect one’s dreams initially.

Spagyric tincture of Solidago Virgauera.
Take 3 drops X 3 per day for allergies or as a spring or autumn-cleaning.
Either directly on the tongue or in a little warm water.
Do not use if you have kidneydamage, are pregnant or nursing.
It is possible to order by mailing me. 150 kr + shipping.

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