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“Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean.”
Psalm 51:7,  The Bible

Salt: Hyssop is a fever remedy , indicated in  “slow fever”  where nerves are affected so reactions and movements are slow, numb and weak. It is deeply penetrating, opening pores and passageways deep inside the body, as well as the skin, releasing heat through the skin. It acts cooling, lubricating, cleansing fluids, removing heat and congestion.
Mold growing on the leaves of hyssop produces penicillin.

Mercury: David Dalton developped a profile for the mental state associated with hyssop that may owe something to the biblical concept. He recomends it for people who feel guilty, feel undeserving of happiness, fear punishment , fear pleasure and engage in self-sabotage.

Sulphur: Herbalist Juliette de Bairacli Levy recomends hyssop as a highly effective remedial agent in all forms of poisoning. Foxes are said to seek out this plant when poisoned.
If you feel you may be carrying some ancestral programming or karmic patterns, hyssop may bring clarity and clear this kind of metaphorically poisoning of the soul.

Spagyric tincture of Hyssopus Officinalis.
Take 3-15 drops directly on the tongue with the dropper or in a little warm water when in need.

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