onsdag 14 september 2016


I am very happy to be able to work with the Calamusroot. My friend gave me enough to make a spagyric tincture. I extracted it´s essential oil and hydrosol and made a tincture. Later I will calcinate the tinctured roots and purify the ashes and add them to the spagyric tincture.
You can preorder from me if you are interested by writing me : turtleok@hotmail.com
10 ml  150 kr + shipping

Calamus is good for finding ones voice on all levels. From literally having lost the voice to finding your expression.  To speak the truth and to use your voice as an instrument. Abracadabra means I create what I speak.

Here is some information by  Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, author of
The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs

"Conscious communication is the essence of yoga. From your chakras to your nervous system to the words you speak, your very molecules are vibrating with the energy of your being, and transmitting that energy to all the other parts of you and the people in your life. Yoga exercises, pranayam, and lifestyle practices all support conscious communication, and there is one special yogic herb that rises above all others for clarifying and expanding the spiritual voice we all share.

Calamus root (Acorus calamus) is a major herb for the mind and meditation, and is highly revered by yogis. Ancient yogis and seers used this herb and it is said to stimulate the power of self-expression and to enhance intelligence. Calamus promotes circulation to the brain, sharpens memory, enhances awareness, and increases communication. The yogic name, Vacha, means “speech” and refers to its action on the fifth chakra and its propensity to help you speak from your highest consciousness."

 Calamus corresponds to the throatchakra and I see Thoth as an archetype for Calamus.

The Cree had numerous medicinal uses for Acorus calamus including an analgesic, to fight the effects of fatigue or exhaustion, to prevent and help cure a hangover and even claimed that chewing the fresh root enabled them to "travel great distances without touching the ground".


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