tisdag 6 oktober 2015

Thymus Vulgaris Hydrosol

Fragrance: Floral and sweet
Can be used for example in cases of:
Fungal infections
Herpes blisters as soon as they appear, it can prevent the outbreak
Teenage acne – spray on face , not just the acneic areas
(if it is used as an acne treatment I recomend to also take the Thyme spagyric tincture. Twice daily 7 drops in a little water alongside with the Hydrosoltreatment. )
It is nice to spray around you when you have a cold or flu.
Also to take one tablespoon in a glass of roomtemperature water internally.
For treating childhood colds and flu : half a teaspoon in a small glass of warm water . It boosts the immune system and help kill germs. Children usually like the taste.
Thyme Hydrosol is a good mouthwash for children prone to cavities : Take half a teaspoon diluted in a small glass of water and rinse after brushing teeth, twice daily.
It is nice to spray in the room.
It is also very nice to use thyme hydrosol in cooking.
This hydrosol was created during the Blue Moon in Aquarius, the 31:st of July.
It was organically grown in my garden.
50 ml in a brown glassbottle with a spraypump.
60 kr + shipping

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