onsdag 14 oktober 2015

Mentha Piperita & Mentha Villosa Hydrosol

MENTHA PIPERITA & MENTHA VILLOSA ( peppermint and maroccan mint) HYDROSOL

Aroma: Pungent, cool, refreshing

Undiluted the flavor is very strong, diluted it becomes softer, like a good herbal tea.
Try it in cooking, baking, or as a delicious beverage hot or cold.

Mint is most famous for it´s digestive , anti-infalmmatory and mind-stimulating properties.

Anti-inflammatory both internally and topically it can be used in treatments of stiff muscles, aches and pains, sprains and strains.
Added to HOT water it will have a COOLING effect.
Added to COLD water it will have a HEATING effect.
Alternating the two types of compresses is a most dramatic and profound treatment.

Mentally stimulating, mint is the wake-up water. Drink it in the morning to get your whole body going, including to the bathroom.

Spray on the face to revive during hot weather or during hot flashes.

Mint is an effective aid for concentration, when studying or writing, as it calms and cools the nerves while stimulating the brain.

30 ml in a brown glass bottle with a spraypump
60 kr + shipping

Grown organically in my garden.
Avoid with children younger than 3 years old.

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